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Rosie came in with her litter of beagle pups! They have all been adopted and now it is her turn! She is 5 years old and under 20 lbs! Extremely sweet and loving!



She is growing so fast!! She is now 5 months old…up to date on vaccinations and spayed! I swear she is growing like a weed!!! She has the biggest sillies ears!!! Her legs are out growing her body!! I swear her posture and growth makes me see a lot of Great Dane in her!!!! She is a MUST meet and greet!!!! You will absolutely LOVE her!!!!




You are the most loyal puppy in this world!! You absolutely adore your human and all of your foster siblings. You will sit out and enjoy the sun and the grass all day! Your favorite place to lay is under the tree on the hillside! Your eyes have the saddest look….you were rescued from the woods… your up to date on all vaccinations and neutered….your heart just wants your own home. Your own family….and you would do good in any typeย of home. You are a hound mix…but, at 5 months old now you are looking like you have some dobie in you!!!! We love you so much but, we are on a mission to find you a wonderful owner or family! Please don’t let this handsome boy stay in a foster home for the rest of his puppy stages.



Marissa & Becky

I truly do not understand why these bonded pair are still with us? They are the absolute sweetest girls ever! They were surrendered in a high-kill shelter by their owners family๐Ÿ˜ญ…. Scared to death…..when we found out a 3rd came with them…we took all 3. Their sister is not bonded with them and she has a family lined up…but poor Marissa & Becky have nothing๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ… They are 9 years young! You would think they are puppies!!! They run and play….then will snuggle on the couch! They are extremely well behaved! Marissa is the ring leader…while Becky just follows her lead! They get along with cats and most dogs. Looking for one small dog?? How about 2? They are so good together! Please…please….don’t let these babies sit in foster any longer๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ™…. They deserve more than being kenneled. Please๐Ÿ™




5 year old, 5 lb chihuahua! Loves everyone! He is beyond ready for his own home!






Carter! Our beautiful boy!! You are the sweetest! He has been with us for awhile now and he absolutely deserves his own home! He is the most gentle dog! He will do amazing in any home…. Everyone just adores him! Carter is a 9 year old mix..We believe he is Great Pyranees/dalmation.ย 



10 week old female Lab Mix



Spike has been with us for such a long time and we don’t know why! We pulled him from one of our local shelters. He’s about 4 years old…the SWEETEST boy ever!! All he wants is love and attention!! He’s the perfect little guy!! He is extremely well behaved! He has been around smaller children but does best if they aren’t too young, as too much excitement scares him sometimes. He deserves his own loving home! If you are interested in adopting him or meeting him, please submit an adoption application and give this boy a chance!



Queenie is our 13 year old Min Pin!! She is so sweet and great with all! She is currently in foster and is ready for her forever home!! She is 7 lbs!


Roxy & Chloe

So this is what happens when you have a shelter sleep over!! You bring 2 dogs home with you! Chloe & Roxy!!! Both 5 year old fox terrier chi mix!! Both went to our vet and are doing well. Chloe has some ataxia issue that we are hoping to address with the meds and not have to see a neurologist. Both girls are so very sweet! These girls came from a humane case and there still are 4 more at the shelter that we want to desperately have out very soon. All are fox terrier/chi mix. All friendly and happy! If you’d like to foster any of them, please submit a foster application! If you are interested in adopting Roxy or Chloe, please submit an adoption application!!





Kylu is a female German Shepherd from Egypt! Very sweet girl! No smaller pets in home please!






Milo is an Egyptian Baladi.




10 week old female Lab!




Pablo is a 12 year old male Min Pin!ย 



Chewy & Paco

These two are a bonded pair of male chihuahuas, 3 years old! Very sweet!



She is a 9 year old, 5lbs & housebroken girl. She is very cuddly & looking for a lap to sit on! You will adore her!



Snow is an 8 month old extremely sweet female chihuahua!




2 year old Lucifer is looking for his forever home! Lucifer listens SO WELL off leash! Loves car rides! He is crate trained and gets along very well with dogs, cats, and kids. He enjoys his mornings at the chicken coop and LOVES to snuggle. He is 100% a lap dog!!! Very small Chihuahua/dachshund mix! Lucifer would do well in just about any home!ย 




Benji is a 3 year old super sweet boy! He is 40 lbs! Great with everyone!




Our sweet senior Peaches! She’s a 9 year old firecracker! She’s blind but you’d never know it! She gets along with everyone! She is ll lbs! She is a poodle!




This precious little angel found herself wandering in the middle on nowhere in a rural part of Texas…. Nobody ever claimed her๐Ÿ˜ญ…so how lucky are we??? She’s here in PA with us now! Little Isabel is an 8 month old basset hound mix….she’s so precious! Gets along with everyone! Always smiling! Isabel is up for adoption!