Please note that we usually post dogs on our facebook page much sooner than we update our website! So please also follow our facebook at Two Ladies Four Paws Rescue to see our most recent incoming dogs! We also post dogs that are not yet adoptable on our page as well! Thank you for considering adoption through our rescue!!


Max is such a cutie!! Only way to keep him still to get a pic of him is in his crate. He is 5 month old chi/terrier mix…7 lbs and such a sweet boy! If you would like to adopt Max, please submit adoption application.




Welcome Spike to TLFP! We pulled him from one of our local shelters. He’s about 4 years old…the SWEETEST boy ever!! Good with other dogs! He has a fear of men and will do best in a home with a woman. He does get started easily, so smaller children may not be the best fit. He is extremely well behaved and loveable! He is in need of a foster at this time as well if you are interested!




Welcome Bree to tlfp! She is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix! She is good with other dogs and cats and we prefer no small children in the home. If you are interested in adopting her, please submit an adoption application! 



Roscoe is a 7 year old male Maltese. He is extremely sweet and gets along well with others! He would do best in a home with other dogs, as he loves playmat

Curvin is a 6 year old male Chihuahua! He is tiny and one of the sweetest boys ever! He is great with all pets! Very well behaved!





Ralphie is a 4 year old male Chihuahua! He is a very friendly and happy boy who loves to play! 

Collage 2017-08-13 12_33_51.jpg



We’ve got some great news on Cooper, our long haired 8 year old male Chihuahua who has been in foster for quite some time now! He came to us as a stray from animal control. He had severe trust issues and was being quite aggressive. He is now accepting of love and giving love! He is good with other pets! We do require no smaller children in the home! He is now a sweet little guy and his progress has just about brought tears to his foster mama! We are so proud of him and how far he has come! He’s doing so well, that we are OFFICIALLY accepting adoption applications now! His ideal forever home would be with people who are willing to continue working with him and earning his trust a little bit at a time! We will do several meet and greets with his potential family, to slowly and properly introduce him to his new family! If you are interested in meeting Cooper, please submit an application!

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Toby is a 1 year old male Pom/Chi! He gets along great with everyone and all pets! If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an adoption application!



Adorable Ryder! He is a 6 month old chi mix is all ready to go and waiting on his forever home! He is such a lover and loves everyone! He loves to run and play but, will also curl up and snuggle! If you would like to adopt Ryder please submit an application!





Such a tiny little sweet girl! This 2 year old chi is so precious and only wants love…. if you’d like to adopt our precious Alabama girl please submit an adoption application!




Stunning sweet boy!! 1 yr old mix! Very sweet and shy…..we are working on confidence building and he’s doing amazing! Since he gets startled easily we would recommend no small children and a secured fenced in yard! If you would like to adopt Issac please submit an adoption application!



Little Man

This stunning little Chihuahua is also one of our new Alabama babies!!! If you would like to adopt Little Man you can submit an adoption application.



Skylar & Zoey

These beautiful 2 year old sweet girls….why are they still in rescue? They are so precious! They require love, a fenced in yard, and a warm bed….. they deserve a wonderful life in their own home. They get along great with all….they will need continue housebreaking training! If you are interested in adopting this pair, please submit an application!





Bubba & Sassy

These two puppies are ready for their own forever homes! No, they are not bonded. They are male and female. Chihuahua mix. If you are interested in adopting, please submit adoption applications! 



Opal & Sapphire

9 week old pitty/chi mix babies!!!! They are coming up on 10 weeks and OMG they are precious!! They are available for adoption!! They are NOT a bonded pair and can be adopted seperately. If you would like to adopt either of these babies please submit an application!



Faith has been adopted, but Hope is still waiting for her own home! Two sweet lab mixes found dumped and emaciated! Hope is a 7 yr old female chocolate lab mix. She is such a loving cuddle bug! She is dog, cat and kid friendly! Such a sweet girl! If you are interested in adopting, please submit an application!




Keisha wants everyone to know she is still available for adoption! She is a 5 month old lab mix! Soooo precious! She is doing wonderful at housebreaking and crate training! She loves to run and play with all of the other pups! If you would like to adopt Keisha you can submit an application!







Sweet Sasha is such a lover.. she loves her human. She is about 2 years old and was surrendered with a Chihuahua. She can be with all animal’s. (Proper intros) … She is still very timid of men. So she just needs to feel safe and loved. She requires a more quiet and relaxed home. Also, as long as the other doggies in the home are gentle…she scares easily. If you would like to adopt Sasha or have any questions please contact us or submit an adoption application!





Queenie is our 13 year old Min Pin!! She is so sweet and great with all! She is currently in foster and is ready for her forever home!! She is 7 lbs!




 My sweetest little Shaggy….he’s an 8 year old yorkie…just a tiny little sweet guy! He loves to snuggle and sleep in your bed while your at work all day. He loves to eat and give kisses!! He could care less if you have a house full of pups or if he’s the only child…if you would like to adopt this precious little guy please submit an application!




Oh Shiloh….you will always be Shiloh!! The scared terrified little girl…to a week on my lap kissing me all over!!! She has become my best friend and I will miss her terribly…but, she is ready! If you would like to be that special adopter for Shiloh please submit your application!




Dallas is wondering why nobody has put an application in for him? He is such a low maintenance little guy! He wants a warm blanket and a lap….he is just a tiny little guy no more than 7 lbs. He can be in a home with a house full of dogs and cats or just a relaxed home all by himself. He loves to get all the attention or he likes to be left alone….if you pick him up you better be prepared for some wet kisses!!!! This little guy is about 4 years old and he is looking for his forever home. If you would like to adopt Dallas you can submit an application on our website!




My heart skipped a beat today for this little guy!!  His owner passed away and was re-homed and to us… he is said to be 6 years old. He has the saddest….sweetest eye’s This little guy will be all groomed up and happy in no time! Please welcome Mo Mo to TLFP😍This precious poodle will be ready for adoption in no time! Applications being accepted!





Swollie…you are the prettiest little girl in the world! You are about 5 months also and such a cutie pie!!!! You are such a lover!!! We are not even sure what breeds are in her mix but, I see some pitty. If you would like to adopt sweet Swollie please submit an application!





This is Elsa….she came from the same home as Hope…the other Rottweiler, unfortunately….poor Elsa was a lot thinner and she also was full of parasites and is now putting the weight on. Our poor Elsa who is also such a sweet little girl and very obedient has tested positive for heartworm so she will be starting treatment and once she recovers she will be available for adoption. She has not been showing signs of the heartworm so we are very confident that she will have a very successful treatment recovery! If you would like to adopt Elsa when she is fully recovered you can submit an application!