Please note that we usually post dogs on our Facebook page much sooner than we update our website! So please also follow our Facebook at Two Ladies Four Paws Rescue to see our most recent incoming dogs! We also post dogs that are not yet adoptable on our page as well! Thank you for considering adoption through our rescue!!


Precious, Tippy & Freckles

Precious and her 2 babies finally made their way home to PA from Texas! Precious and her 2 babies were tossed in a box…along the highway in a ditch. These babies were sitting in a shelter for weeks and nobody would step up to help them..after seeing them on the “kill list”… we panicked! Had our amazing TX foster head on down to Corcicanna to pick them up! They are so sweet..Mom is about 2 years old/rat terrier mix! Shy but warms up easily! Tippy is the smaller one (left of mom in middle)…and Freckles is on the right! Momma Precious is in the middle. The babies are about 3-4 months old now! They are not bonded! If you are interested in adopting any of them, please fill out an adoption application!





Max is such a cutie!! He is a 5 month old chi/terrier mix…7 lbs and such a sweet boy! If you would like to adopt Max, please submit adoption application.



Spike has been with us for such a long time and we don’t know why! We pulled him from one of our local shelters. He’s about 4 years old…the SWEETEST boy ever!! All he wants is love and attention!! He’s the perfect little guy!! He is extremely well behaved! He has been around smaller children but does best if they aren’t too young, as too much excitement scares him sometimes. He deserves his own loving home! If you are interested in adopting him or meeting him, please submit an adoption application and give this boy a chance!



Roscoe is a 7 year old male Maltese. He is extremely sweet and gets along well with others! He would do best in a home with other dogs, as he loves a playmate




Ralphie is a 4 year old male Chihuahua! He is a very friendly and happy boy who loves to play! He has been with us for a long time and definetly deserves a home of his own!

(He’s the white and tan)



We’ve got some great news on Cooper, our long haired 8 year old male Chihuahua who has been in foster for quite some time now! He came to us as a stray from animal control. He had severe trust issues and was being quite aggressive. He is now accepting of love and giving love! He is good with other pets! We do require no smaller children in the home! He is now a sweet little guy and his progress has just about brought tears to his foster mama! We are so proud of him and how far he has come! He’s doing so well, that we are OFFICIALLY accepting adoption applications now! His ideal forever home would be with people who are willing to continue working with him and earning his trust a little bit at a time! We will do several meet and greets with his potential family, to slowly and properly introduce him to his new family! If you are interested in meeting Cooper, please submit an application!

Collage 2016-12-12 17_00_13.jpg


Stunning sweet boy!! 1 yr old mix! Very sweet and shy…..we are working on confidence building and he’s doing amazing! Since he gets startled easily we would recommend no small children and a secured fenced in yard! If you would like to adopt Issac please submit an adoption application!



Queenie is our 13 year old Min Pin!! She is so sweet and great with all! She is currently in foster and is ready for her forever home!! She is 7 lbs!



 My sweetest little Shaggy….he’s an 8 year old yorkie…just a tiny little sweet guy! He loves to snuggle and sleep in your bed while your at work all day. He loves to eat and give kisses!! He could care less if you have a house full of pups or if he’s the only child…if you would like to adopt this precious little guy please submit an application!



This little precious boy is about 1 or 2 years old and gets along well with everyone! He was pulled from a high kill shelter in Texas…poor little guy was all skin and bones….now look at him!!! This little guy will be joining us in PA very soon!! If you would like to adopt sweet Brisket please submit an adoption application!



Roxy & Chloe

So this is what happens when you have a shelter sleep over!! You bring 2 dogs home with you! Chloe & Roxy!!! Both 5 year old fox terrier chi mix!! Both went to our vet and are doing well. Chloe has some ataxia issue that we are hoping to address with the meds and not have to see a neurologist. Both girls are so very sweet! These girls came from a humane case and there still are 4 more at the shelter that we want to desperately have out very soon. All are fox terrier/chi mix. All friendly and happy! If you’d like to foster any of them, please submit a foster application! If you are interested in adopting Roxy or Chloe, please submit an adoption application!!





Jasper is a 9 year old male Hound. He is very sweet and gets along well with everyone! Loves other pets! Such a happy boy!!




These 6 little parvo survivors have joined TLFP! They were picked up off the side of the road as they were being given away for free! One of our Texas rescuers was able to bring them home..unfortunately, they became sick very fast….with ringworm and also parvo. Two of their siblings passed away and she fought very hard to save the remaining. These babies are now 12 weeks old and feisty as ever!!!! They are chihuahua mix but, not sure of the mix. They are very small. They are playful little healthy babies now!! We would suggest no small children/no dogs over 25 lbs in the home, due to the size of them! If you would like to adopt one of these sweet babies please submit an adoption application!





Sweet Abagail!  7 year old chihuahua….I don’t know how or why this little girl found herself in a shelter. She is so well behaved! Gets along with all….housebroken! Just give her a cozy bed and she’s happy!




This 3 year old shitzu spent some time in the shelter then made her way to Two Ladies Four Paws! She was clearly abused in the past as she is very scared of hand motions. She LOVES women but HATES men. She does okay with cats although she occasionally barks at them, but she will probably need a home without other dogs. She is very dominate and sort of aggressive towards them. (We will work on that though and try to introduce her to a few other dogs before making a single dog home a requirement) Although she MIGHT warm up to a man in the home (she is still sketchy about her foster dad) she should not be placed in a home right now with many Male visitors. I know many people have asked and applied for Maggie but we are taking it very slow as she has many behaviors that are not learned yet! As many know… A RESCUE DOG REQUIRES WORK AND DEDICATION. Although she has those couple faults she is house trained! Does not require a crate! Does amazing on a leash and enjoys walks! 



Beautiful Bella is our tri-pod (3 legged) from Egypt! YES, we got her all the way from Egypt! She is now looking for her forever home!! She is absolutely stunning and such a sweetheart! She is 6 months old and a Shepard mix!! Do not let the 3 legs fool you though, she is perfectly normal and gets around just like any other pup! 🙂




Sadie is one of our long time fosters! She is a 1 year old Pug/Chihuahua mix! She is such a sweet and crazy little girl! She LOVES attention! LOVES running around and playing with other pets! She is kid friendly as well! She is more of a higher strung pup, so please keep that in mind when filling out an application! She is not 100% potty trained, so she will need help with that!




MEET PUDGE! Poor little pudge was pulled from awful living conditions and is currently placed in foster with TLFP. However Pudge would benefit tremendously in a home with only one other dog and someone who has the time and patience to get him to trust humans again. Preferably a foster home without young children since he is terrified of everything at the moment. He will lay in the grass with his human but has no idea how to walk or act on a leash. He is very very calm just needs someone who can allow him to warm up! He is currently in a foster home with several big dogs, 2 puppies, and cats. Although nobody bothers him, he would prefer something more quiet. If you think you can help pudge relax and learn how to be a happy dog again!




Sabrina is a 2 year old Pit/Boxer mix female. She is 50 lbs. Extremely sweet and well behaved girl! Gets along well with everyone! She is very deserving of her very own forever home! 



What a beautiful sweet soul…from such a horrible life….left for dead in the streets with newborn puppies. Not knowing how she would be able to survive and keep feeding her babies. She did!! Her babies have all moved on into loving homes!! They are all healthy and happy!! Now it’s Tessa’s turn!!! She’s on her road to recovery from heartworms and neglect…but, as you can see…….she is so full of life!! She is house trained and crate trained as well. Good with everyone! If you would like to adopt her, please submit an app!




Jake & Jax

3 year old English Mastiffs Jake and Jax were very lucky to find their way into Two Ladies Four Paws Rescue! They were an owner surrender so we are very fortunate to know a lot about their past! They are BONDED BROTHERS and MUST stay together! Both are house trained and do not require a crate! Both get along with all dogs, small or large and also cats! And they both do well with children although obviously they are very large so little ones may get stepped on or knocked down! Jake and Jax would LOVE a huge yard. They do very well staying in their yard but they like a large one that can sniff around without very close boundaries! Both boys love car rides and do well on a leash once they know their surroundings. (They tend to pull a little if excited about new places) They love your bed! So make room! And they are couch potatoes so you may need to move over! Jax is super friendly with everyone while Jake takes a little while to warm up to strangers. Once he knows who you are he will shower you in his slobbery kisses!

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Reny & Midnight

Welcome Reny & Midnight to tlfp! Although they are currently awaiting a foster home, we wanted to get them on our website! They are 6 year old Doxie brothers! Both extremely friendly, well behaved and sweet! Playful with eachother and would make a great addition to your family! If interested in fostering or adopting this bonded pair, please fill out the forms!




Foster Needed!

Sweet Honey made her way all the way from Texas with her babies to Two Ladies Four Paws Rescue. Honey was adopted by an amazing family a couple months ago but needs to make her way back into rescue! Honey is house trained and does not require a crate. She is very loyal and loving to her family but does not tolerate strangers! She needs put away whenever people come over and she does not tolerate that well either! She needs work… lots of socialization and trust. The little girl in Honey’s home was also adopted and with the many visitors in and out on a daily, they cannot take the risk. Her adopters speak so highly of her! She really is an awesome dog all around if she could get past her trust issues. We REALLY need someone to foster Honey ASAP who is willing to help her gain her trust back! Please fill out a foster form if you can help!





Boss & Bailey

Boss & Bailey!!! 15 week old Shepard/beagle mix!  Such good boys available for adoption! If you are interested in adoption, please submit an application!!




Welcome Richard to TLFP!! This adorable 2 year old terrier mix is available for adoption! He is the silliest little guy! He gets along well with others! He can be cranky sometimes so we recommend no small children. If you’d like to adopt Richard please submit an adoption app!