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Geeta came from a small town in India just barely alive when she was rescued. She’s a distemper survivor! Poor Geeta had to learn how to walk again. She is doing amazing now!! She is just a tiny little girl! 1 years old and so far she’s good with kids, dogs, cats… She is very shy still so a quiet home would be best. She’s housebroken and loves Bob Evans sausage patties!





5 year old, 5 lb chihuahua! Loves everyone! He is beyond ready for his own home!






Carter! Our beautiful boy!! You are the sweetest! He has been with us for awhile now and he absolutely deserves his own home! He is the most gentle dog! He will do amazing in any home…. Everyone just adores him! Carter is a 9 year old mix..We believe he is Great Pyranees/dalmation. 



Spike has been with us for such a long time and we don’t know why! We pulled him from one of our local shelters. He’s about 4 years old…the SWEETEST boy ever!! All he wants is love and attention!! He’s the perfect little guy!! He is extremely well behaved! He has been around smaller children but does best if they aren’t too young, as too much excitement scares him sometimes. He deserves his own loving home! If you are interested in adopting him or meeting him, please submit an adoption application and give this boy a chance!


Roxy & Chloe

Chloe & Roxy!!! Both 5 year old fox terrier chi mix!! Both girls are so very sweet! These girls came from a humane case. We have had them for a very long time and they deserve a forever home of their own! They are bonded!






Milo is an Egyptian Baladi.


Chewy & Paco

These two are a bonded pair of male chihuahuas, 3 years old! Very sweet!



She is a 9 year old, 5lbs & housebroken girl. She is very cuddly & looking for a lap to sit on! You will adore her!



Benji is a 3 year old super sweet boy! He is 40 lbs! Great with everyone! A fence is required for his adoption as he enjoys escaping sometimes! He would be such a perfect fit any family! You will ADORE him!




Our sweet senior Peaches! She’s a 9 year old firecracker! She’s blind but you’d never know it! She gets along with everyone! She is ll lbs! She is a poodle!



Beagle Mix Puppies

These precious puppies made their way to us from Texas. They were surrendered to a shelter down there at 2-3 weeks old after their mama had been hit and killed by a car. They are now safe and thriving with us! Very healthy! Their mix is unknown, but they will be under 25 lbs as mama was a beagle. 



Manda is the happiest 5 month old puppy ever who has come all the way from the streets of India! She would blend with any family!! Do you like Kangaroo’s? If so…she’s the dog for you! She does a whole lot of the Kangaroo cha-cha! Manda is a whippet mix!



Our sweet puppy Brick has made his way from the streets of India!! These street dogs from India will drive you crazy and steal your heart all at once. They crave love and attention so badly. These pups….all they want is to please their human…they don’t want to feel alone to fend for themselves…. They want to know they don’t have to scrounge for their next meal…..these babies deserve a second chance at life! Brick is about 6-7 months old and looking for his forever home.




Arie is one of the cutest seniors ever! 12 years old…going on 5! A little bundle of joy! Arie is so precious! Foster mom just adores him!




Chaari boy is so adorable!! All the way from India! So sweet and so smart!! These India street dogs are such survivors!! They just love their human and learn so fast!! Chaari is a tiny little pup 4-5 months old and will be medium size full grown!



Our sweet William! All the way from India looking for his forever home! He’s just 5 months old and is so VERY smart!! He LOVES being with his human and is VERY eager to learn! William is adorable & loves everyone! He will be a medium size dog full grown. He’s a mixed of breeds in India so breed unknown.



Dough Boy

Our beautiful pitty Doughboy!! He is 3 years old and is the sweetest boy in the world! He gets along great with other dogs! He’s super curious about cats….but, he has never tried to chase them. Hes super laid back and will snuggle on the couch or a short walk. I wouldn’t recommend small children…Only due to his size and can knock a small child down. Doughboy is amazing and will make an awesome addition to anyones family!



How in the world is poor little Kiran still available? She came all the way from India as a stray street dog! She is so sweet! She gets along well with others..she’s adorable!! She’s working on her housebreaking manners! She has been with us the last few months. She’s 5-6 months old. Up to date with vaccinations/spayed and ready to go! Kiran is under 30 lbs and won’t get much bigger.




Our big puppy Thomas came back to us and is available for adoption! He is very sweet and has been getting along well with other dogs! He is a wiggle butt! He would do best in a home with no small children as he is a bit strong and likes to jump! Thomas is really missing his family and we would love to get him out of the kennel and back into a new forever home! 




This beautiful girl came all the way from the streets of Kuwait! She is 2 years old! She was shot and it has paralyzed her back end. She loves to scoot around but she will also use a cart! If you would love to give this girl a happy ending to such a tragic beginning of her life, she will forever be grateful! She is so sweet and so loveable and deserves a happy forever home!!



Mo & Bo

Mo & Bo our precious senior bonded boys! Their owner passed away and family were about to dump them in a shelter….we were able to get them here from Virginia. They boys are doing amazing here but, they would love a real family to enjoy their golden years!




Bella!! Our beautiful 3 year old lab mix. Sweetest dog ever! So gentle and loving! Couch potato! She will steal your heart! She does chase cats, but only to play! If you would love to give this adorable girl a forever home, please apply!




Chandni came all the way from the streets of India! She is an 8 month old Whippet mix. Around 25 lbs. Will do best with any home! 



Little Wopo is such a lover….so misunderstood. He loves his human, his couch, his food, treats, toys to play with💕🙏🐾 He will bark at dogs if he’s in his crate and he has a treat or food. He is dog selective….he seems to just be nervous around aggressive dogs. He gets very anxious and extremely stressed out and will get snappy if you cut his nails or bath time….so leave that up to the professionals. He is a small mixed of breeds. Maybe greyhound… Maybe chihuahua….we don’t know…just darn adorable. He REALLY would do amazing in a low traffic home and no small children due to his past of being snippy. 



Lucille & Ricardo

These two were dumped in the middle of the woods and from the condition they were both in, it had been for a while! Lucille had a hernia on her belly that was around the same weight as her own  body weight, half of her organs were being dragged on the ground for god only knows how long! She had a successful surgery and is healthy and healed! They are 9 years old! Both are so sweet If you are looking for a loving bonded pair of babies, this is them!



Teer is our precious blind puppy from the streets of India! He is 6 months old and the smartest puppy ever! He loves everyone and adjusts perfectly! He survived the streets of India blind, scared and starving! Let’s get this boy his forever home that he truly deserves!



Chuck is just a little guy who has been bounced around all of his life with a bite history. Hes never had someone actually put the time and patience and effort into him to gain his trust and make him feel comfortable. He is 7 years old, Chihuahua/Min Pin. To adopt Chuck, you will need to have patience and to help him feel safe and comfortable in a new environment. Since the shelter, he has been in our care for a year now. He is so deserving of a forever home and we will make sure of that. If you would like to meet Chuck and apply to adopt, please do! He deserves it after so long of being given up on! We would also suggest no small children in the home and a more calm environment. He is in the rescue with a bunch of other dogs although we keep him a bit seperated so he isn’t overwhelmed.