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Selena is a beautiful, gentle, affectionate, goofy, wiggly butt little girl who is about 7-8 months old. She was rescued in Kuwait and is now getting use to the USA at our facility where she spends most of her time playing with toys or trying to get head pats!

Molly (adoption pending)

Ms. Molly, she is an Amish puppy mill mamma rescue. Molly is unique in the way she is extremely outgoing for being a pure Saint Bernard! She is goofy, loves attention, and plays like a massive puppy who doesn’t know her own size. All this girl wants is love and something comfy to lay on while she chews her toys!


This old lady was rescued from a concrete room in Kolkata India with the only purpose for 8 years of her life was being a breeding mother. Now she is safe and ready to live out her final years in a quiet environment away from small dogs and small children!

Rose (adoption pending)

Rose only has 3 legs but that doesn’t slow her down mentally or physically! This gorgeous 1 year old girl was found on the streets of Chandigarh India crying in pain from a paw injury… through lots of love, fundraising, and volunteers, she is making good as new! Rose is extremely smart and would fit in great with a family who has time to teach her tricks, commands, and challenge her! She reminds us of a mini all black GermanShepherd but we do not know her exact breed.

Maggie & Sally (adoption pending)

Meet our mother/daughter bonded chi pair. These sweethearts can be timid at first but once they warm up to someone they jump for joy! They love pupperonis, fluffy blankets, and getting on laps for scratched & pets!


Pure Chinese-Crested

half Chinese-Crested half Italian-Greyhound


Veer is a total champ! He is missing a back paw, and his rear ended was crushed in an accident in India, so he uses his front legs to move around but boy does he move fast all things considered. His favorite activities include laying on fluffy beds, getting ear scratches and sunbathing. We believe he is around 7-8 years old. Veer is so ready to put his past of surviving on the streets behind him and finally have a home of his own.


This shy baby girl is a work in progress… she needs lots of patience to start to gain confidence in this “ruff” world again. Libby still is not trusting of most humans, she has finally accepted some physical affection (pets/scratches) from one of our volunteers… so Libby is moving in the right direction. This little lady also has discovered her love for playing with other dogs! She will need super secure fenced in yard due to living as a feral dog prior to being rescued. Down south (when she was living on the streets) neighborhood kids would shoot her with BB-gun. Resulting in her lack of trust in humans but she is an extremely special girl who deserves an equally special home!


Wopo is such a lover but is so misunderstood. This adorable mix breed chi wants nothing more than a forever home fu of squishy toys, butt scratches, and a comfy bed. He can be somewhat defensive over treats and food in his crate, in which he will bark or give the “side eye”. Wopo can be picky with other dogs so he tends to either stay to himself or interact minimally with other small calm dogs. He is not a fan of getting his nails cut/baths so we leave that up to the professionals. This cutie will do best in a low traffic home, preferably with no small children so everyone in the household can respect his personal space!


Our sweet senior poodle is named Peaches! She is a 9 year old, 11lbs, firecracker despite being blind. She gets along with everyone and enjoys just laying around being lazy and sunbathing!

Mo & Bo

Mo & Bo are our precious goofy senior bonded pair. Their owner passed and the family were about to dump them in a shelter… but luckily we were able to get them to our facility from Virginia. They are truly amazing and would make any family happy as they live out their golden years

Jenny (adoption pending)

Jenny is around 2-3 years old. She was found on the streets of Amritsar India with a broken front leg where she was laying on the road unable to move crying out in pain. It is possible that her owners dumped her on the streets because they couldn’t afford the medical treatment for her broken leg. Now this stunning girl is all healed up and will be headed to our rescue very very soon!


This gorgeous lady is a a pit mix who is loving, playful, and nothing less than a cuddle-bug. We still think that a home with no other small animals or children will be best for her to get all the attention she deserves!


Sweet India girl Pretty lives up to her name… she is beautiful, great with children, adults, and other dogs. Pretty is adjusting well to the USA at our facility… not even two minutes after being taken out of her travel crate she was giving kisses. This girl loves cuddles, head pats, fuzzy blankets, sun bathing, and eating. As she is getting used to treated with love and kindness she can be a little nervous at first but once she is over that temporary anxiety she is super affectionate!

Elf (adoption pending)

Caucasian Russian Shepherd breed (3 years old). This boy is a big bear who just wants to be by his humans side as much as possible. He has a very mellow personality that is impossible not to love!

Antosha (adoption pending)

Sweet and sassy!

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