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Stewie is quit the character! He is a wide eyed, bushy tailed, ball of fluff. This boy can be super cuddly and energetic, but has some crate aggression, he is very protective of his area but is fine if you respect it… and don’t look at him for too long while he is in it. A very weird quirk he has! You must show some dominance but once boundaries are set he is great!


This stud is under 2 years old! He is extremely loving towards people but must be the only pet in the home. NO CATS!! Brick also requires a secure fenced in area. He is very athletic and has an “alpha” personality.


This gem is from India! She had her ears viciously butchered off leaving her with some hearing loss. Lucky has come a long way in a short amount of time and her story is only beginning! She loves all people and is totally house trained, however she does need to be the only dog in the home, and does best when not around small children. Due to her rough start she can sometimes be leash reactive but not all of the time. Lucky is not a super high energy dog but she sure does love her walks!


This 3 year old can come off as scared and unsure but is a total lover towards people (especially men) and other dogs, he can tolerate cats but they are not his favorite. Casper needs a home without small children and a fenced in yard.


Meet our Kali girl, a total love-bug who is convinced she’s a lap dog. And we totally let her believe it. It is also important to note her eyes are a little cloudy but she can still see!


This stud is 11 years old but doesn’t know it by the way he acts like a puppy! Pickle would do best in a home without small children and with no big dogs, after all he is a senior despite what he thinks.


This shy baby girl is a work in progress… She needs lots of patience to start to gain confidence in this “ruff” world again but nothing is impossible when surrounded by love!


Chuck is just a little guy who has been bounced around all of his life with a bite history. Hes never had someone actually put the time and patience and effort into him to gain his trust and make him feel comfortable. He is 7 years old, Chihuahua/Min Pin. To adopt Chuck, you will need to have patience and to help him feel safe and comfortable in a new environment. Since the shelter, he has been in our care for a year now. He is so deserving of a forever home and we will make sure of that. If you would like to meet Chuck and apply to adopt, please do! He deserves it after so long of being given up on! We would also suggest no small children in the home and a more calm environment. He is in the rescue with a bunch of other dogs although we keep him a bit seperated so he isn’t overwhelmed.


Benji is a 3 year old super sweet boy! He is 40 lbs! Great with everyone! A fence is required for his adoption as he enjoys escaping sometimes! He would be such a perfect fit any family! You will ADORE him!


Wopo is such a lover but is so misunderstood. He can be somewhat defensive over treats or food in his crate in which he will bark. He can be picky when it comes to other dogs, he seems to get anxious around aggressive dogs. Wopo is not a fan of getting his nails cut/baths so we typically leaving that to the professionals. He’s an adorable mix breed and would do best in a low traffic home preferably with no small children, since he has been known to be snippy in the past.


Our sweet senior Peaches! She’s a 9 year old firecracker! She’s blind but you’d never know it! She gets along with everyone! She is ll lbs! She is a poodle!

Chewy & Paco

These two are a bonded pair of male chihuahuas, 3 years old! Very sweet!

Roxy & Chloe

Chloe & Roxy!!! Both 5 year old fox terrier chi mix!! Both girls are so very sweet! These girls came from a humane case. We have had them for a very long time and they deserve a forever home of their own! They are bonded!

Mo & Bo

Mo & Bo our precious senior bonded boys! Their owner passed away and family were about to dump them in a shelter….we were able to get them here from Virginia. They boys are doing amazing here but, they would love a real family to enjoy their golden years!